Do you also suffer from dry winter skin? 6 tips to get rid of it!

Do you also suffer from winter skin? Dry patches, tightness, flakes, sensitive skin, itchy and looks like it could use a pick-me-up? You are certainly not alone, many people suffer from this.

Due to the lower humidity, colder temperatures and reduced sebum production, our skin has to endure during the winter months. Give it some extra TLC and your skin will look like it used to.

TIP 1: Never skip your cleanser

If your skin feels dry, we are more likely to skip the cleansing step more quickly, better not to! It is wrong that facial cleansing is associated with tight, dry skin. Choose a cleanser that cleans your skin well, but certainly does not dry out extra. Throughout the day, pollution, dirt, etc. gets on your face - so it is definitely necessary to cleanse your skin thoroughly. The Facial Cleanser from Verso is ideal for this. Shea butter ensures that your skin does not dry out and stays nicely nourished, fruit enzymes break down the dirt. A beautiful clean skin without a tight feeling is the result!

Verso - Facial Cleanser

TIP 2: use a good eye serum

The skin under our eyes is very thin, sensitive and fragile. We should certainly not forget that during the winter. Relaxing and resting is the most important means for a fresh-looking look, but if you don't have much time for me-time, a good eye serum can help a lot. Ingredients like vitamins A, K & E go a long way - bye bye dark circles, fine lines & puffiness!

What is the difference between an eye serum and an eye cream? An eye serum contains highly concentrated ingredients and smaller molecules that can penetrate deep into the skin layers. This allows them to work deeper and are more effective than an eye cream. An eye cream works superficially and improves the entire appearance, plus also protects the skin during the day.

It is best to combine both, first eye serum and then an eye cream - that way you have an effect on all skin layers. Do you want to use one of the two? Invent in a good eye serum, this can do wonders!

F. Miller - Eye Oil

Verso - Super Eye Serum

TIP 3: use a good facial oil

Facial oil a miracle or just fit? If you ask me, go for it! Regardless of your skin type, there is a facial oil that suits everyone. During the winter we have reduced sebum production, which means that the skin barrier does not work optimally and that too little water is retained in the skin. A good facial oil will, among other things, restore the skin barrier, but it does so much more: it can fade acne, redness and scars, reduce pigmentation spots, improve elasticity and calm your skin... Do you really not like a facial oil? You can also mix a few drops with your day cream, so it feels less greasy.

The facial oil from F. Miller contains 22 different delicious oils and is suitable for all skin types. Jojoba oil, argan oil, pomegranate seed oil, cranberry seed oil... and the list goes on! This oil does not feel greasy at all!

F. Miller - Face Oil

TIP 4: use vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only great in our diet, but also in our skincare. The powerful antioxidant does a lot: helps calm inflammation, reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, promotes collagen production and gives your skin a huge boost and refresh! Take that, winter skin!

Comme Ca - La Vitamin C Powder

Verso - Daily Glow

TIP 5: use sun protection every day

I can't stress it enough, but sun protection is so so so important. Think of skin aging, pigmentation spots and skin cancer - lubrication and we are protected from this. During the autumn and winter months we still do this too little, even then the harmful UV radiation is present. By the way, did you know that sun protection wears off after about 2 hours. Then it is important to update your SPF. The search for a good sun cream is not always easy, many sun creams are very sticky, leave a white shine and do not feel pleasant. Soleil Toujours sunscreen does not do this. If you also wear make-up like me, then it is annoying to apply sun cream - I have the solution for this! The SPF spray from Soleil Toujours is a transparent setting mist. Just spray and voila, you're protected!

Soleil Toujours - Clean Conscious set + protect micro mist SPF 30

TIP 6: exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating (or peeling) is actually removing dead skin cells and dirt and stimulating cell renewal. This gives you an extremely soft skin & it looks radiant. Do you use a facial scrub? You should review this, because harsh, coarse scrubs can damage your skin. An acid-based peeling is an ideal alternative. Our skin is a bit drier, so don't use too aggressive peels, they can dry out your skin even more. Use one based on AHA & PHA acids. These acids are mild and loosen dead skin cells, often fruit enzymes. Peeling once or twice a week is more than enough.

Verso - Enzyme Peel